Don’t Do These If You Adopt a Pup

Adopting a pup is a good and a suggested thing because by doing this, you can save a puppy. You need to know that there are many pup owners out there who neglect and throw away their pet without worrying about its safe and security. This is a bad thing because they can kill puppy at last. That is why if you adopt a pup, you already do a precious thing. Nevertheless, it is not enough yet. Why? You can make puppy stress if you don’t take care of it well. For this, you are highly suggested not to do these if you adopt a pup:


adopt a puppy

Leave it for a long time

Never do this unless you want to see your pet feels lonely. You need to know if pup deals with this problem, it will get sick, lose mood, and even stress out. In the long run, it is going to die and you will feel guilty and regret about this. For this, avoid leaving your pup for a long time. If you have to go on business trip or have many jobs outside, ask for somebody to help you take care of it. Alternatively, take puppy training program. By doing this, your pet will not feel lonely. It will be taught by professional trainers so it will be smart and obedient. Remember to choose professional and reliable puppy training providers, like Puppy Colours. Who is Puppy Colours? This is a licensed place to train your puppy. It has skilled and trained staffs who always work optimally.

Are you still curious about this provider? If you answer yes, visit its location directly at Newton Campus 182 Bukit Timah Road near Newton MRT. There, you can look its building and adequate facilities and meet trainers who are ready to help you. You may ask about the programs to staffs directly if needed. To get more information, visit Puppy Colours’ website as soon as possible, okay!

Ignore it when having free time at home

When meeting you, your puppy will get closer with you because it wants to get your fondling. Unfortunately, not all puppy owners know about this. They usually make pup go away. This is a bad thing because this means that you forget your responsibility as a pet owner. For this, never ignore it when having free time at home. You should caress and invite it to play together. You may bathe it so its hair is smooth and treated. If it looks not good, you should bring it to animal care center to get good treatments.

Give it foods carelessly

Realize that pup does not have good immune yet so when it eats foods carelessly, it will get sick as soon as possible. Therefore, don’t give it foods as you like. You should look for related information about puppy foods in various sources. Also ask for suggestion from veterinarian so you don’t buy wrong foods. If you give it good and healthy foods, it will grow up healthily and optimally. Of course, this will make you happy and proud of it.

Ways to Take care of Dog Hair

dog hairDogs(pets) can not only be used as a playmate at home, but also as a safe house keeper so restrained because of his voice were hard to make us know that there is someone who comes(especially someone that was not known to him). Funny attitude also sometimes be an alternative place to relieve stress. Moreover, if the breed is already frisky perform various movements, such as playing ball, cleaning the room of dry waste, and tidy up a messy home appliances, would be very happy to maintain it. Speaking of the dog in order to remain beautiful, of course, we must guard properly especially feathers, as in the following three points:

Give enough nutrients for growth

Provide adequate nutrition and regular to the dog not only able to maintain their health, but also helps with the maximum growth(including keeping their feathers in order not to fall out). For a given nutrient can be a nutritious food such as porridge, biscuits, cereals, meat and poultry, for example milk or a protein drink. This of course can you do outside of your important activity. For example hour to go to the office in the morning, you can give pets the foods and beverages prior to the first session, after coming home from the office in the afternoon, you could give the food back. Please note, dogs should not eat three times a day just like us, but two times is enough to help the growth of origin given nutritious food.

Bathe regularly let clean and fragrant

To maintain the cleanliness and beauty of dog fur, efforts also should do is bathe regularly at least once a week. To be more possible, do not forget to use shampoo and soap. When bathing him, make sure the sidelines like behind the ears of dogs has also been cleared. Bathing the dog is a bit difficult because basically dogs do not like to play water, especially in cold temperatures. In this case, it is necessary to know the right tricks that pet dogs can be adjusted easily to be bathed. For example, giving a snack beforehand or also provide a snack after a bath. Remember, bathe regularly very good to keep it clean in order to avoid the attack of the disease and also make the fragrance smells so you comfortable when playing with him.

Comb dog hair to look neat

So that the dog hair look presentable do not forget to get used to comb it, either by using a slicker comb type of bush or a bristle brush. Keep your dog’s coat can be combed evenly neat to be able to make the fur longer and also get good air circulation. If the dog does not like combed fur, there is no harm if outsmart by giving snacks, while pets are eating, while it also used the time to comb his fur. Dog hair comb with the above types of course can be found easily, especially in pet stores, both offline and online.

Dog hair that looks neat, pretty, and clean certainly indicate that growth is good and healthy. However, it is good when caring for the dog since she was a child that can be set easily.

Be Careful! Pet Can Have Infectious Diseases

Pet Can Have Infectious Diseases

Besides being a love of animals, here are other reasons that make someone decide to raise animals:

  • Friends for at home or during sports such as running, brisk walking, or playing ball
  • Can learn to be personally responsible
  • The entertainers themselves while stress
  • One of the bridges leading social network

Only, should have plenty of time to take care of pets ranging from bathing them, dry them in the morning, clean the cage, feed and drink, and vaccination at a certain age and subsequently once a year. If everything can not be done because it is too busy, you should not keep animals. Not only can make a pet so it is not willing, but also able to facilitate pet stress and immune system decline so susceptible to disease. Fatal, illness pets will be transmitted to you or family through touch, bite, lick, kiss, or droppings.


Toxoplasmosis is a disease that can lead to abnormalities in infants in whom abnormalities in the retina of the eye, the baby’s head swell, pata enlarged liver and spleen, mental retardation, and seizures. In fact, the virus toxo can trigger a miscarriage. What are the causes of this disease? The disease is one of them caused by animals like cats, dogs, birds, etc. Why? Meat that is not clean or in a raw state contain a virus toxo. Toxo virus is then transmitted pet going through feces or touch. Therefore, it is important to keep the pet food as well as the use of gloves when cleaning up pet to minimize attacked Toxoplasma disease.


  • Fever
  • Difficulty eating
  • Exit lot of saliva
  • Fear of light, water
  • Paralysis
  • Death

be some adverse effects of rabies. Rabies or hydrophobia is an infectious disease because lyssaviruses virus that attacks the brain and nervous system. Dogs, cats, and monkeys are animals that often transmit rabies. How the disease can be transmitted? From bites or scratches from these animals. If the pet is bitten or scratched immediately wash with running water and then use antiseptic drugs or alcohol as a first treatment. Afterwards, immediately go to the nearest clinic or hospital for further treatment. For the prevention of rabies infected pets and transmitted to you or your family, do not forget rabies vaccination.

Bird flu

Avian influenza is a disease due to avian influenza virus (H5N1) that is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Body felt weak
  • Cough, sore throat, and runny nose

Especially those of you who love to nurture birds, chickens, ducks, or the like, be careful of bird flu. This disease not only can be transmitted through feces, animal meat, and saliva, but also through the air. When birds experience some of the following conditions, be careful because the poultry suspected bird flu: white eyes, seizures, discharge from the eyes/mouth, bleeding spots on the feet, or sudden death. In the process of culling, do not forget to use a mask, gloves, and boots. Not to forget wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. For the prevention of bird flu itself, regularly clean poultry cages, discipline do vaccinations, and spraying disinfectant at poultry cages.

In addition to providing its own happiness, whether it’s raising animals cats, dogs, birds, or other can also be used as an investment. Especially if the pet has a health is okay, skills dazzling, attractive appearance, and behavior of a friendly. However, the pet also can transmit a variety of serious diseases. However, the disease can be prevented by vaccination of certain viruses in pets, clean the cage regularly, bathe regularly, maintain a healthy food and drinks, as well as routine health check to the vet.

Tips on Training Cat


Cats are animals that are very funny and too sweet. There are many types of cats that can lure people to see.There are people who are interested in cats for fur is thick, clean, and also because it has a fat body. Cats also one of the animals that are sometimes extremely according to their owners. Therefore, many people who wish to have a cat that according to its owner. Well, to get a cat that according, of course, it takes extra patience to train. With patience, persistence, and also the right approach, of course, nothing can happen. This is because patience is the key for achieving success. Likewise, when you want to train a cat that according to. How to tips to train a cat that according to? Here are tips:

Familiarize feeding

Familiarize give the cat food can be one of the tips to train a cat that according to. Be sure to allocate your pet cat food at the right time. Give food according to the existing schedule. For example, 3 times a day at morning, noon, and evening. You get used to feeding on time and done by your own, then the cat will get used by itself. By the time you give the right to eat, of course, the cat will quickly come up to you when the meal arrives. Additionally, when you will eat, but the cat is not there, then you will easily Dial a cat and the cat will quickly to come up to you because it has been accustomed to and also have to know your voice.

Make a joke

Tip two to train a cat that according to, that is the way to make a joke. Cats also like a man who needs a relaxed manner joking with his employer. By doing so, the cat did not merely want to eat and sleep. Many ways you can do to train your cat in order according to the same. You can make a joke by playing. For example, you’re with a cat, try to throw a ball or play with a broom stick. By doing so, the cat will chase a ball or play the broom as an object of playing cat. If it continues to do, of course, the cat will always be close to you and will quickly when called. Therefore, if you want to make a cat in, then take your cat to play with.

Give love and attention

By giving affection and attention to this cat may make the cat look happy. By doing so, of course, will be according to your cat. In addition, the cat will follow your orders if you call him. You can give the attention and affection on your pet cat the easy way. You can give attention to the way cat fur stroked gently and slowly. With you noticed the cat well, of course the cat will be according. Avoid to treat cats with a rough, like a hit or scolded. This will only make the cat feel scared to get close to you. Therefore, to make the cat according, affection and attention can be a way that I do.

To make the cat can according to your all, of course, there is on you, which is how you treat cats well. Hopefully the above tips can be useful for all of you who want to get a cat that according to.

Guides to Buy Pet Dog

Buy Pet DogIn addition to cats and rabbits, pet dog is also often chosen by many people because of the agile movement also super beautiful feathers. Moreover, if already trained in performing active movements, such as dancing, cleaning trash, play ball, play bike, jump rope, and so forth would be an alternative to relieving stress. Speaking of the dog, if you are interested to buy it? If so, it’s good to first read the buying guide dog below:

Select the type of dog as expected

The main thing of course you have to do in buying a dog is to determine the type of dog you buy. If you buy a dog intended to maintain the security of the home, of course, dogs that are aggressive fit to choose, such as breed Dalmatian, Boxer, Presa Canario, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinschers, Alaska Malumutes, Siberian Huskies, German Shepherd and Rottweiler. But if you desire to buy a dog is used as a playmate and maintained like a cat or a rabbit, then breed Samoyes, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Lowchen, and others ought to be considered. Therefore, in buying a dog make sure you have determined its usefulness. What is clear, it will affect the price level, the more beautiful, unique, agile, and a nice dog you choose, it will be the higher the price.

Make sure the dog in a healthy condition

In buying a dog, you should come directly to the pet store. There you can also determine the dog you want to select, how how old, what kind of fur color, and how his health condition. Important to make sure these three things mainly health condition so that your dog can help grow well. The quality characteristics than that dog is body fat, feathers clean and fragrant, and agile. If necessary, take it to the vet beforehand to ensure the health condition of the dog. Keep in mind, health is the main thing that should be obtained to get a dog that is super clever invited to be active as above. So, make sure you choose a dog healthy condition.

Consider the consequences

Before buying a dog, other things that also need to consider is the consequence. The consequences in question is to be the bad behavior of dogs, such as barking every stranger, biting inanimate objects(including objects your pet, such as sandals or shoes), digging up damaging the yard of the house, and beg/ whine because it calls attention or eat well, even also the risk that you need to bear, such as to feed and drink are nutritious and regularly 2 times a day and also bathe first time in a week that it could take your rest. If these consequences have to consider it carefully and really want to buy it, then please find the right pet store.

Dogs are one of the most popular and coolest animals in the world are suited to be maintained because his style is adorable. By the way, if your determination was made to buy a dog, you should take a friend or relative who also has a pet dog, it will be enough to help you to choose the right dog and according to expectations.

We offer dog boarding for your pet at our doggie day care and pet boarding center. Paws Mahal’s pet services are a wonderful way for you’re dog to socialize exercise and play with friends while you are away.