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Don’t Do These If You Adopt a Pup

Adopting a pup is a good and a suggested thing because by doing this, you can save a puppy. You need to know that there are many pup owners out there who neglect and throw away their pet without worrying about its safe and security. This is a bad thing because they can kill puppy at last. That is why if you adopt a pup, you already do a precious thing. Nevertheless, it is not enough yet. Why? You can make puppy stress if you don’t take care of it well. For this, you are highly suggested not to do these if you adopt a pup:


adopt a puppy

Leave it for a long time

Never do this unless you want to see your pet feels lonely. You need to know if pup deals with this problem, it will get sick, lose mood, and even stress out. In the long run, it is going to die and you will feel guilty and regret about this. For this, avoid leaving your pup for a long time. If you have to go on business trip or have many jobs outside, ask for somebody to help you take care of it. Alternatively, take puppy training program. By doing this, your pet will not feel lonely. It will be taught by professional trainers so it will be smart and obedient. Remember to choose professional and reliable puppy training providers, like Puppy Colours. Who is Puppy Colours? This is a licensed place to train your puppy. It has skilled and trained staffs who always work optimally.

Are you still curious about this provider? If you answer yes, visit its location directly at Newton Campus 182 Bukit Timah Road near Newton MRT. There, you can look its building and adequate facilities and meet trainers who are ready to help you. You may ask about the programs to staffs directly if needed. To get more information, visit Puppy Colours’ website as soon as possible, okay!

Ignore it when having free time at home

When meeting you, your puppy will get closer with you because it wants to get your fondling. Unfortunately, not all puppy owners know about this. They usually make pup go away. This is a bad thing because this means that you forget your responsibility as a pet owner. For this, never ignore it when having free time at home. You should caress and invite it to play together. You may bathe it so its hair is smooth and treated. If it looks not good, you should bring it to animal care center to get good treatments.

Give it foods carelessly

Realize that pup does not have good immune yet so when it eats foods carelessly, it will get sick as soon as possible. Therefore, don’t give it foods as you like. You should look for related information about puppy foods in various sources. Also ask for suggestion from veterinarian so you don’t buy wrong foods. If you give it good and healthy foods, it will grow up healthily and optimally. Of course, this will make you happy and proud of it.

Be Careful! Pet Can Have Infectious Diseases

Pet Can Have Infectious Diseases

Besides being a love of animals, here are other reasons that make someone decide to raise animals:

  • Friends for at home or during sports such as running, brisk walking, or playing ball
  • Can learn to be personally responsible
  • The entertainers themselves while stress
  • One of the bridges leading social network

Only, should have plenty of time to take care of pets ranging from bathing them, dry them in the morning, clean the cage, feed and drink, and vaccination at a certain age and subsequently once a year. If everything can not be done because it is too busy, you should not keep animals. Not only can make a pet so it is not willing, but also able to facilitate pet stress and immune system decline so susceptible to disease. Fatal, illness pets will be transmitted to you or family through touch, bite, lick, kiss, or droppings.


Toxoplasmosis is a disease that can lead to abnormalities in infants in whom abnormalities in the retina of the eye, the baby’s head swell, pata enlarged liver and spleen, mental retardation, and seizures. In fact, the virus toxo can trigger a miscarriage. What are the causes of this disease? The disease is one of them caused by animals like cats, dogs, birds, etc. Why? Meat that is not clean or in a raw state contain a virus toxo. Toxo virus is then transmitted pet going through feces or touch. Therefore, it is important to keep the pet food as well as the use of gloves when cleaning up pet to minimize attacked Toxoplasma disease.


  • Fever
  • Difficulty eating
  • Exit lot of saliva
  • Fear of light, water
  • Paralysis
  • Death

be some adverse effects of rabies. Rabies or hydrophobia is an infectious disease because lyssaviruses virus that attacks the brain and nervous system. Dogs, cats, and monkeys are animals that often transmit rabies. How the disease can be transmitted? From bites or scratches from these animals. If the pet is bitten or scratched immediately wash with running water and then use antiseptic drugs or alcohol as a first treatment. Afterwards, immediately go to the nearest clinic or hospital for further treatment. For the prevention of rabies infected pets and transmitted to you or your family, do not forget rabies vaccination.

Bird flu

Avian influenza is a disease due to avian influenza virus (H5N1) that is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Body felt weak
  • Cough, sore throat, and runny nose

Especially those of you who love to nurture birds, chickens, ducks, or the like, be careful of bird flu. This disease not only can be transmitted through feces, animal meat, and saliva, but also through the air. When birds experience some of the following conditions, be careful because the poultry suspected bird flu: white eyes, seizures, discharge from the eyes/mouth, bleeding spots on the feet, or sudden death. In the process of culling, do not forget to use a mask, gloves, and boots. Not to forget wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. For the prevention of bird flu itself, regularly clean poultry cages, discipline do vaccinations, and spraying disinfectant at poultry cages.

In addition to providing its own happiness, whether it’s raising animals cats, dogs, birds, or other can also be used as an investment. Especially if the pet has a health is okay, skills dazzling, attractive appearance, and behavior of a friendly. However, the pet also can transmit a variety of serious diseases. However, the disease can be prevented by vaccination of certain viruses in pets, clean the cage regularly, bathe regularly, maintain a healthy food and drinks, as well as routine health check to the vet.