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Don’t Do These If You Adopt a Pup

Adopting a pup is a good and a suggested thing because by doing this, you can save a puppy. You need to know that there are many pup owners out there who neglect and throw away their pet without worrying about its safe and security. This is a bad thing because they can kill puppy at last. That is why if you adopt a pup, you already do a precious thing. Nevertheless, it is not enough yet. Why? You can make puppy stress if you don’t take care of it well. For this, you are highly suggested not to do these if you adopt a pup:


adopt a puppy

Leave it for a long time

Never do this unless you want to see your pet feels lonely. You need to know if pup deals with this problem, it will get sick, lose mood, and even stress out. In the long run, it is going to die and you will feel guilty and regret about this. For this, avoid leaving your pup for a long time. If you have to go on business trip or have many jobs outside, ask for somebody to help you take care of it. Alternatively, take puppy training program. By doing this, your pet will not feel lonely. It will be taught by professional trainers so it will be smart and obedient. Remember to choose professional and reliable puppy training providers, like Puppy Colours. Who is Puppy Colours? This is a licensed place to train your puppy. It has skilled and trained staffs who always work optimally.

Are you still curious about this provider? If you answer yes, visit its location directly at Newton Campus 182 Bukit Timah Road near Newton MRT. There, you can look its building and adequate facilities and meet trainers who are ready to help you. You may ask about the programs to staffs directly if needed. To get more information, visit Puppy Colours’ website as soon as possible, okay!

Ignore it when having free time at home

When meeting you, your puppy will get closer with you because it wants to get your fondling. Unfortunately, not all puppy owners know about this. They usually make pup go away. This is a bad thing because this means that you forget your responsibility as a pet owner. For this, never ignore it when having free time at home. You should caress and invite it to play together. You may bathe it so its hair is smooth and treated. If it looks not good, you should bring it to animal care center to get good treatments.

Give it foods carelessly

Realize that pup does not have good immune yet so when it eats foods carelessly, it will get sick as soon as possible. Therefore, don’t give it foods as you like. You should look for related information about puppy foods in various sources. Also ask for suggestion from veterinarian so you don’t buy wrong foods. If you give it good and healthy foods, it will grow up healthily and optimally. Of course, this will make you happy and proud of it.