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Ways to Take care of Dog Hair

dog hairDogs(pets) can not only be used as a playmate at home, but also as a safe house keeper so restrained because of his voice were hard to make us know that there is someone who comes(especially someone that was not known to him). Funny attitude also sometimes be an alternative place to relieve stress. Moreover, if the breed is already frisky perform various movements, such as playing ball, cleaning the room of dry waste, and tidy up a messy home appliances, would be very happy to maintain it. Speaking of the dog in order to remain beautiful, of course, we must guard properly especially feathers, as in the following three points:

Give enough nutrients for growth

Provide adequate nutrition and regular to the dog not only able to maintain their health, but also helps with the maximum growth(including keeping their feathers in order not to fall out). For a given nutrient can be a nutritious food such as porridge, biscuits, cereals, meat and poultry, for example milk or a protein drink. This of course can you do outside of your important activity. For example hour to go to the office in the morning, you can give pets the foods and beverages prior to the first session, after coming home from the office in the afternoon, you could give the food back. Please note, dogs should not eat three times a day just like us, but two times is enough to help the growth of origin given nutritious food.

Bathe regularly let clean and fragrant

To maintain the cleanliness and beauty of dog fur, efforts also should do is bathe regularly at least once a week. To be more possible, do not forget to use shampoo and soap. When bathing him, make sure the sidelines like behind the ears of dogs has also been cleared. Bathing the dog is a bit difficult because basically dogs do not like to play water, especially in cold temperatures. In this case, it is necessary to know the right tricks that pet dogs can be adjusted easily to be bathed. For example, giving a snack beforehand or also provide a snack after a bath. Remember, bathe regularly very good to keep it clean in order to avoid the attack of the disease and also make the fragrance smells so you comfortable when playing with him.

Comb dog hair to look neat

So that the dog hair look presentable do not forget to get used to comb it, either by using a slicker comb type of bush or a bristle brush. Keep your dog’s coat can be combed evenly neat to be able to make the fur longer and also get good air circulation. If the dog does not like combed fur, there is no harm if outsmart by giving snacks, while pets are eating, while it also used the time to comb his fur. Dog hair comb with the above types of course can be found easily, especially in pet stores, both offline and online.

Dog hair that looks neat, pretty, and clean certainly indicate that growth is good and healthy. However, it is good when caring for the dog since she was a child that can be set easily.