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Tips on Training Cat


Cats are animals that are very funny and too sweet. There are many types of cats that can lure people to see.There are people who are interested in cats for fur is thick, clean, and also because it has a fat body. Cats also one of the animals that are sometimes extremely according to their owners. Therefore, many people who wish to have a cat that according to its owner. Well, to get a cat that according, of course, it takes extra patience to train. With patience, persistence, and also the right approach, of course, nothing can happen. This is because patience is the key for achieving success. Likewise, when you want to train a cat that according to. How to tips to train a cat that according to? Here are tips:

Familiarize feeding

Familiarize give the cat food can be one of the tips to train a cat that according to. Be sure to allocate your pet cat food at the right time. Give food according to the existing schedule. For example, 3 times a day at morning, noon, and evening. You get used to feeding on time and done by your own, then the cat will get used by itself. By the time you give the right to eat, of course, the cat will quickly come up to you when the meal arrives. Additionally, when you will eat, but the cat is not there, then you will easily Dial a cat and the cat will quickly to come up to you because it has been accustomed to and also have to know your voice.

Make a joke

Tip two to train a cat that according to, that is the way to make a joke. Cats also like a man who needs a relaxed manner joking with his employer. By doing so, the cat did not merely want to eat and sleep. Many ways you can do to train your cat in order according to the same. You can make a joke by playing. For example, you’re with a cat, try to throw a ball or play with a broom stick. By doing so, the cat will chase a ball or play the broom as an object of playing cat. If it continues to do, of course, the cat will always be close to you and will quickly when called. Therefore, if you want to make a cat in, then take your cat to play with.

Give love and attention

By giving affection and attention to this cat may make the cat look happy. By doing so, of course, will be according to your cat. In addition, the cat will follow your orders if you call him. You can give the attention and affection on your pet cat the easy way. You can give attention to the way cat fur stroked gently and slowly. With you noticed the cat well, of course the cat will be according. Avoid to treat cats with a rough, like a hit or scolded. This will only make the cat feel scared to get close to you. Therefore, to make the cat according, affection and attention can be a way that I do.

To make the cat can according to your all, of course, there is on you, which is how you treat cats well. Hopefully the above tips can be useful for all of you who want to get a cat that according to.